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Tarsal tunnel syndrome – an ultrasound pictorial review 

de Souza Reis Soares O, Duarte ML, Brasseur JL. J Ultrasound Med 2021 Aug 3, online ahead of print


Did you ever have to deal with tarsal tunnel syndrome in a clinical or electrodiagnostic setting? Then you surely know, that this can give you a hard time in diagnosing and deep frustration in treatment.

Clinical symptoms may not be clear right away and with electrodiagnostics you may fail in nailing it down. And even if you got there, then treatment is restricted and often not successful. But do you know why you fail so often? Because no matter how much you try to reduce pressure on the medial ankle, in the majority of cases there is not an idiopathic but secondary tarsal tunnel syndrome. The causes are diversified – it might be a ganglion cyst, a tendinopathy, a joint disorder or even compression by vessels. Therefore your conservative treatment often fails.

To identify those causes, you now have the wonderful tool of ultrasound available.


This month´s recommended review collects the various causes identified in tarsal tunnel syndrome, presenting great examples of ultrasound images for each.

It is not a free article, but if you regularly work with those patients, it will be a good investment.


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