May we introduce our new series: The review corner. Reviews are handy stuff. Someone else checks available papers on a certain topic for you, sums up the most important points and thereby creates an overview, which makes it easy for you to stay up to date.

As not all of us have access to every scientific journal, we try to present open access reviews whenever possible – keeping an eye on quality.


The first review we would like to direct your attention to is a very recent one called

“Neuromuscular ultrasound in clinical practice: a review”, by Natalia L. Gonzalez and Lisa Hobson-Webb from Duke University Hospital in the US.

(Full citation: N. Gonzalez and L. Hobson-Webb. Neuromuscular ultrasound in clinical practice: A review. Clin Neurophysiol Pract. 2019 July 12; 4: 148-163)

The review intends to be “a practical guide to the basics of NMUS (neuromuscular ultrasound) and its clinical applications”. You start with a short introduction about ultrasound equipment and system settings, then there are two major parts of the review: one about nerve ultrasound and one about muscle ultrasound. Among the topics are entrapment neuropathies, traumatic injury, polyneuropathies, muscular dystrophy, inflammatory myopathies and motor neuron disease.


If you want to get an idea what you can do with neuromuscular ultrasound – then reading this review is a good starting point. Of course reporting about such a huge amount of content means that there is not too much detail about each topic (besides entrapment neuropathies).


Have a good day!

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