Reviews are handy stuff. Someone else checks available papers on a certain topic for you, sums up the most important points and thereby creates an overview, which makes it easy for you to stay up to date.

As not all of us have access to every scientific journal, we try to present open access reviews whenever possible – keeping an eye on quality.



This time we want to present a review that focuses on the second word fragment in our most beloved topic: the neuroMUSCULAR ultrasound.


Muscle ultrasound is a broad field of application that has a lot to offer when working with patients with neuromuscular disorders. Did you ever hear about the Heckmatt scale? What does a “moth-eaten pattern” mean? Or can we see a single muscle fiber contraction with ultrasound? The answers to those questions and a lot more can be found in this article:


Wijntjes J, van Alfen N. Muscle ultrasound: present state and future opportunities.

Muscle & Nerve. 2021; 63:455-66


Brought to you by one of the most renowned centers of muscle ultrasound in the world, this open-access review is spanning across a wide variety of topics:


It starts with scanning technique, diving down into the very fundamental principles of ultrasound and presentation of muscles.  Then it continues with the different modes of evaluation: visual, quantitative and also a glimpse into the future, when so-called “higher order muscle texture features” with probably ease our work.


The different patterns of changes in various neuromuscular disorders are all described and demonstrated with ultrasound pictures, e.g. fasciitis, dermatomyositis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  


So if you have 15 min spare time, this article is surely a good investment.


Have a good day!


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