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The deeper you dive into the topic of nerve ultrasound and related diagnostics, the more practical questions arise and you might want more information.

We therefore gather topics we think you might be interested in for free download and reading.

If there is a special topic you would like to learn about and that could interest others in this field as well – let us know. We want to constantly improve our service for you.

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e-Book nerve guide

Download our free e-book for your pocket, demonstrating locating of 24 nerves with pictures of probe orientation, useful landmarks and corresponding ultrasound images!

  • Head and neck: vagus nerve, phrenic nerve, great occipital nerve, great auricular nerve, lesser occipital nerve, accessory nerve
  • Brachial plexus: supraclavicular, suprascapular nerve, long thoracic nerve
  • Upper extremity: median, ulnar, radial nerve, musculocutaneous nerve, axillary nerve
  • Trunk: Intercostal nerves, ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves, pudendal nerve
  • Lower extremity: Femoral nerve, lateral cutaneous femoral nerve, sciatic nerve, tibial nerve, peroneal nerve, sural nerve

Pocket Card & background information reference values

Reference values can be an important and handy tool when you start out with nerve ultrasound. Download our free pocket card with literature-based reference values and read an in-depth review about advantages and disadvantages of reference values!

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