We are Sonocampus. A new platform dedicated to education, cooperation and scientific research in nerve ultrasound – which, you might agree – has become a quite specialized field during the last years.

Let´s start this with us giving you a quick overview about our service portfolio.

From The Beginning To Now

The pioneer of nerve ultrasound is called Bruno Fornage, who published the first report on peripheral nerve ultrasound in 1988. By that, he opened a door to what today we see as a new era in neurodiagnostics. Since then, specialized centers all around the world have developed, helping to transition the modality from artistry to clinical routine as a non-invasive tool for neuromuscular disorders. In the beginning, nerve ultrasound was mainly used for entrapment syndromes, over the years the spectrum of indications has broadly extended – from nerve trauma over nerve tumors to polyneuropathies and motoneuron disease.

Besides the growing interest in the modality, technical progress supported this development. We now have high-resolution probes of over 20 MHz commercially available. These allow diagnostic assessment of nerves with a diameter below 1 mm or singular fascicles in a bigger nerve.

Not everyone can learn?

Of course you can! Maybe we just have to reconsider our ways of teaching…

Despite the high specialization that was reached at some places, the broad application of nerve ultrasound is still missing. The lack of comprehensive supply with training programs is frequently named as one of the major obstacles. Take for example the live course you would have liked to visit takes place 1000 km away from your home and includes an absence of at least three days from work – which is not possible. The next time you try to book a course, you have to learn that it is already fully booked… but before you now postpone your nerve ultrasound career once more, have a look at our offer.

Because this is the need we jump in for. If you can´t get to us, we will reach out to you. Any time, anywhere. Enjoy knowledge delivered instantly to you after sitting down with a coffee on your sofa. Learn relaxed and efficiently with our purely online and fully CME certified courses.

The Courses

The courses are designed to form a solid base for your nerve ultrasound career: start with the course on carpal tunnel syndrome. It´s good for understanding the principles of nerve ultrasound. Further, carpal tunnel syndrome is a very frequent condition, which leads to:

  1. You being inevitably confronted with it as soon as starting out with nerve ultrasound and
  2. you will get lots of practice because of seeing lots of patients.

Then continue with the basic course – which presents the most frequently requested nerves and their pathologies.

All trainings are online and as far as possible interactive to keep you involved. Further, they come with a workbook in which you can repeat what you have just learned by writing it down and also take your own notes.

For further information have a look here.

Education Continues

Did you already attend any course about ultrasound? Do you know the situation when everything seems totally clear during the 16 hours of guidance. Then you get back and already in the first patient you have no idea what this is you see? You would like to share your finding with someone, but actually you are currently the only one starting with nerve ultrasound at your institution and there is nobody available…

We also have been through this. And know how important a mentor is. Let us take that role for you. Get in touch and we will discuss your findings.

News News News

Ultrasound of nerves is a quickly evolving field with tons of new publications every month. And some of those findings should even affect your daily practice. But as you are very busy in your clinical routine, you can´t scan for those e. g. on a monthly basis. We take that job for you. And pack findings in a handy newsletter you receive quarterly in your inbox.

Additionally, our blog features tips and tricks for you and your lab.

Free Resource Area

A pocket card with evidence-based reference values? And a discussion about reference values you should have read to be aware how they can help you and what are their insecurities? Just download it.

Or maybe you can need our nerve guide – a small book presenting probe orientation and the corresponding ultrasound image for picking up nerves all over the body? Just download it.

That was a lot? Well, our plan is to constantly broaden our service for you. Just stay tuned. For example by signing up for our newsletter.

Best regards from the Sonocampus Team

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